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More Than Just an Invoive

Your electric bill is more than an invoice – it’s a powerful tool for monitoring your energy consumption.

A detailed chart and history graph helps you track current energy use against your usage history. With this information, you can be aware of unanticipated changes in your energy consumption and costs.

If you notice significant discrepancies between you past usage and current usage, you can locate the source of the difference – such as the inefficiency of an aging central heat and air system, water heater, or other major appliance. You may simply need to weatherize your home.

Your power bill helps you take quick action to control your energy costs. For more information please contact us at (402) 336-2803.

How to Read Your Bill

  • 1  This lists basic account information, account number, billing date and due date.

  • 2  This box explains your charges. The balance shown from your last billing. The payment made towards the last billing showing the date the payment was received, and the amount paid with CR behind it. Any balance owed after payment is show as the balance forward, with the current charges shown below that. The total amount due is shown as the Account Balance.

  • The important message box, which changes from month to month. It shares energy tips. Program changes, and in this case the members capital credit allocation for the prior year.

  • 4  The location for your mailing address.

  • This section shows all the metering information. The top line shows, the account number, the service description (in this case the residence) and the rate class and its description. The second line shows the serial number on your meter, the difference between your Beginning reading and Ending reading, and your energy usage in kilowatt hours.

  • This graph shows the kilowatt hour used for each of the last 13 months.

  • 7  Your current charges are itemized here. Energy costs, state taxes, and the amount of your voluntary donation to the cooperatives Operation Roundup Goodwill Fund.

  • 8  This is your detailed energy use section. It gives you control of your energy use by comparing specific daily usage this months bill as compared to last years bill for the same month. It shows the kilowatt hours used each day, and the average energy cost per day.

  • 9  Please check this box and fill out the back side of the bill if you want to pay by bank draft or credit card.

  • 10  This is the account information for the billing department.

  • 11  This shows the Amount Due on your bill, if you pay prior to the 10th, you owe the discounted amount. If you pay after the 10th of the month, you will need to pay the Gross Amount Due.

Contact Us

NVEMC can be reached by calling
(402) 336-2803 or (800) 967-1987.

Monday – Friday
8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. 

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