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How the program works

The irrigation load control program runs from June 1st through September 15th and coincides with the seasonal rate. Participation in the load control program is voluntary. A radio control switch is placed on the system which allows the Co-op to turn off the well electronically as the load demands. For allowing the cooperative to interrupt their service, the member-owner receives a discount on their rate based on the level of interruption the irrigator selects.

Wells are controlled Monday through Sunday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The maximum hours of control per day will be 12 hours. If there is an early release on a control day (wells may be turned on before the full 12 hour control period), the irrigator will be notified by a automated phone system of the time they may turn their well on. If control is required for the full 12 hour control period, irrigators will not be notified. An irrigatior may opt out of the automated call at anytime by calling the cooperative.

An irrigation customer is requested to sign up for the level of control they wish to operate their wells at by March 25th so that the correct billing statement can be sent with the April bill. Changes can be made after that time, but the last day to enroll or make changes to the level of load control is May 10th. After that date, no changes in the level of control will be allowed. This is to allow the corporation to finalize the load control program for the summer season and send the control schedule to the irrigation customer. If the customer has not notified the corporation of their desire to change the level of control on a well, the level of control will be set at prior season’s level.

When will I be billed?

Monthly Accounts
Monthly irrigation bills are due the first of the month, starting in April, and become delinquent after the 10th. Bills not paid by the 10th of the month are subject to immediate disconnection, and a $100 reconnection fee will apply.

Seasonal Accounts
Irrigation billing for prepayment, (based on nameplate horsepower X dollar amount in affect at the time) which also constitutes the minimum bill for the season, will be rendered April 1st and become delinquent April 10th. Any account remaining unpaid on May 15th will be disconnected, and a $50 reconnection fee will apply.

End of season billing for monthly and annual accounts is made November 1st and becomes delinquent December 1st. A late payment charge of 1% per month simple interest may be added to delinquent irrigation accounts.

How do I know if my well may be controlled?

The Corporation has an Irrigation Hot Line number that is updated daily to let the irrigator know if wells are scheduled for control that day. The Hot Line number is (402) 336-4548. You can also click the link below to get an update.

Written Notices

All notices given to the Corporation shall be in writing. If an agent of the Corporation takes in person or by telephone oral orders, it is done for the convenience of customer.  The Corporation shall not be responsible for error, delay or expense resulting from such procedures; however, the Corporation shall exercise reasonable diligence in carrying out telephone communications from customer.

Meter Failure to Register

In the event, the equipment provided by the Corporation is proven faulty or defective, the Corporation may estimate the customer’s consumption for the period and bill accordingly.

Corporation’s Responsibility

The Corporation assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury whatsoever caused by leakage, escape or loss of electric energy after same has passed through Corporation’s meter herein defined as “point of delivery”, and will not be responsible for the inspection and/or repair of defects in customers wiring or other appliances.

Protection of Equipment on Customer’s Premises

All meters, transformers, wires, and other equipment installed and owned by the Corporation are the property of the Corporation. If the meter or other equipment belonging to the Corporation are damaged or destroyed due to negligence or misuse by Customer or their agents, the cost of necessary repairs or replacements shall be paid by Customer.

Disconnect switches to irrigation wells are not intended to be operated under load. Repeated use of these switches in this manner by a member will cause them to fail and will result in the Customer being charged for a replacement switch.

Corporation Access to Customer’s Premises

Corporation representatives shall have free access to premises of the Customer at all reasonable hours for the purpose of reading the meter or inspecting the metering equipment and all other equipment relating to the Corporation’s service or for making necessary repairs or test to its equipment or for removing its meter or equipment.

Conditions for Discontinuing Service

Corporation may discontinue or refuse service for any of the following reasons:

  • When service bill becomes delinquent.
  • When in the opinion of the Corporation, a dangerous condition exists on customer’s premises.
  • When electric energy is used fraudulently in any manner on the customer’s premises with or without customers’ knowledge.
  • When electric service is resold or shared by customer or customers without written consent of Corporation.
  • When customer fails to provide a credit deposit or financial institution guaranteed line of credit as requested by the Corporation.
  • When customer or customer’s agent permits anyone to remove or tamper with Corporation’s meter or connections, or with any of the property of Corporation on or about customer’s premises.
  • When a non-sufficient fund check is issued by customer
  • When the customer fails to provide the completed irrigation enrollment form to the cooperative, or if the information on the form is determined to be fraudulent or misleading.

Terms for Restoring Service Disconnected by the Corporation

  • The Corporation may require a disconnect/reconnect charge of $100.00.
  • If service is disconnected for non-payment of an irrigation account and the account remains unpaid after January 31st of the following year, then the following conditions must be met before service will be restored:
  • All service charges and any unpaid balance must be paid.
  • Customer will be required to present a financial institution guaranteed line of credit for the upcoming irrigation season prior to connection of service, or pay a deposit in an amount equal to the estimated irrigation charges for one year. This will remain in affect until such time as good credit is again demonstrated.

Additional irrigation policies may be viewed at the cooperative.

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